C.M. Machine Inc. is a production machining company proudly serving the commercial, medical, electronics, and aerospace industries since 1991. Our state of the art equipment allows for high quality work in services such as turning, milling, and tooling. We specialize in close tolerance machining of complex production and prototype parts at reasonable prices to our customers. C.M. Machine Inc. has the experience and equipment to accommodate your needs.

C.M. Machine specializes in MS, AS, AN, and NAS fittings. With over a decade of experience in the Aerospace industry, we have the knowledge, capabilities, and equipment that provides us with the ability to guarantee high-quality work that always meets the Aerospace industry standards.

If your business requires precision machining, C.M. Machine Inc. is the name that should come to mind. We encourage and welcome prospective customers to visit our facility to learn more about us and to evaluate what we can do for you. 

For more information about our services, capabilities, or for a quote on your future projects, please contact us!


Our Capabilities

Here at C.M. Machine we house a variety of CNC machines which allow us to produce parts that our clients are guaranteed to be satisfied with. C.M. Machine possesses an outstanding reputation for quality and precision.

The Facility

Our Team

Our team of employees are all well-trained to operate the high-precision machines that we house. Our management staff strives to produce quality parts that exceed our customers expectations.

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Our Product

Our collet adapter is produced in the very shop we operate out of. Using our adapter will allow you to machine at  higher speeds and will increase your production speed! 

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